Since Apple pledged to address the horrendous working conditions in the factories in its Chinese supply chain and make its products ethically.

Time is ticking, Apple. We're still waiting for an ethical iPhone.

Our iPhones and other iGadgets are still made by workers treated unethically, even though Apple pledged to address violations of workers' rights in its Chinese supply chain. The counter on the left shows how long it's been since Apple made that pledge. But thus far, there has been no documentation of measurable improvements in working conditions for Apple factory workers.

The battery on our digital iPhone will die one year after Apple made its pledge. Apple — the richest company in the world — has until then to make real, measurable progress on working conditions in its Chinese factories.

Apple holds its products to the highest standard. It is time for Apple to apply that same standard to working conditions in its factories. This cannot be a repeat of 2006, when a similar pledge by Apple amounted to all talk and no action.